Have I filled out my client registration form and my pet's fear free form?

Once you confirm your pet’s appointment you should receive an email and text message link to complete these forms. By completing these forms prior to your visit, you help us ensure that we have your most up to date contact information and your pet's preferences for their visit!

Have I filled out a history form for my pet?

A member of our team will definitely spend a few moments getting a thorough history on your pet while they are here for their appointment; however, by filling this form out ahead of time it helps us get more detailed information that pet owners often do not recall once in the clinic. This helps us provide a more thorough service for you and your pet. You will find this form attached to the client registration and fear free forms you will receive once you confirm the appointment.

Do I have a fresh fecal sample for my pet?

We know it's gross to collect this sample, but your pet certainly appreciates it when you bring us a sample! If we do not need it, it is much easier to toss it than to torture your pet trying to get a sample. The fresher the sample the better. No worries if it is covered in grass or litter. A small marble sized sample is plenty! This is especially important for annual exams or if we are seeing your pet for vomiting or diarrhea.

Did I bring my cell phone?

If your pet is anxious about waiting in the lobby or running into other furry friends, please wait in your car and give us a call at 843-800-8109 or text us at 843-281-7879. As soon as we have an exam room available, we will let you know, so your pet does not have to wait in the lobby.

Is my pet in a carrier or on a leash?

There are many hazards for unleashed dogs and cats not in carriers including: getting free from their owners, running into traffic, or running into other pets that may not be friendly. Carriers should be secure so check all the screws and bolts. Tighten your dog's collar or harness so they cannot back out of them when walking on a leash and keep them on a short well-controlled leash to prevent any mishaps with other pets. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!

What type of leash/collar is my dog wearing?

Please avoid retractable leashes as these often give our pets entirely too much freedom in the veterinary clinic. We also ask that you leave any prong collars or electric shock collars at home – these collars can inflict pain and we do not want your pet to associate that pain with our staff as this creates a long-term aversion to the veterinarian and can make it quite difficult for us to handle your pet.

Did I give my pet their pre-visit medication?

Vet visits can be scary for even the most confident pet. We often recommend pre-visit medications for our patients to help alleviate their anxiety about visiting the vet clinic. These medications often make our pets very sleepy at home, but we still ask that you give that second dose in the morning because as adrenaline kicks in they often fight through the medications once at the clinic.

Would you like payment options?

We understand that sometimes veterinary care costs can be outside of normal budgets, therefore to help we accept all major credit cards, and also offer the medical payment options of ScratchPay or CareCredit. We would be happy to assist you if you have any questions about any of these options. We also still accept cash and checks.

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